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​Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing criminal charges, a criminal defense attorney from Law Office of Edwin H Duff III can help. Everybody charged with a crime is entitled to a criminal trial attorney and a fair trial, and choosing Law Office of Edwin H Duff III means you’ll have the best law firm in Daytona Beach, FL on your side. Our proactive and aggressive counsel will help you through this stressful period and make sure your legal rights are protected. If your case goes to trial, our experience means we know how to fight for you.

Each lawyer at Law Office of Edwin H Duff III comes from a different law background. This allows us to cover all bases. Rest assured, no matter what kind of problem you find yourself in, we have the expertise for it.

With experience across the region in both state and federal courts, the legal representation and legal consultation service of Law Office of Edwin H Duff III in Daytona Beach, FL, is what you will want in your corner. Call our criminal defense lawyer today! Our dedicated lawyers will be happy to serve you.